Babysleepstar offers a variety of programs which are outlined below. The two most popular programs are the 7-day and 12-day deluxe phone programs.



Please have realistic expectations when starting a program. I will attempt to solve problems which are currently inhibiting your child’s sleep, but please understand I am not able to make your child sleep. Most children over 7 months will sleep through the night after a 7-day phone program but I cannot guarantee it will work that quickly for your child. Rest assured, sleeping through the night will happen, if you are consistent with the routine we establish for your child.Babysleepstar offers several programs (please see under programs section of this website), the two most popular are the 7 and 12 day deluxe phone programs.Purchasing a package secures a spot in your preferred program. Once you have purchased a package you will receive a receipt and confirmation of your date along with the log form. You will need to complete this with your child’s routine 48 hours before your program starts. Also attached will be a Child Profile form which you fill out and email back as soon as you can.

I only take a maximum of 2-4 families per week for the 7-day phone programs. This way I can focus all my attention on you.

It takes 3 days to establish a habit, 7 days to practice that habit (no-one is perfect and babies especially need a few goes to get it right) and about 4 weeks to make that new habit rock-solid. If you follow the programs designed by Babysleepstar, your child and family will soon be sleeping better.

** Please note there are no guaranteed results with any of the packages. However Babysleepstar’s testimonials speak for themselves.

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