Sleeptraining and Babysleepstar

When people think of sleep training they often think of children being left to cry. This is not the meaning of sleep training.When you train a child to sleep, it refers to teaching the child to settlethemselves to sleep and resettle themselves when they wake after a sleep-cycle.This is known as self-settling.

Babies are born not knowing day from night, it takes time to develop this rhythm. Sleep training refers to establishing both good day and night sleep routines; they are equally important. Young babies have a sleep-cycle of about 20–60 minutes. After each sleep-cycle, babies wake briefly then resettle to sleep. You currently may need to help settle and resettle your baby. Sleep training will teach your child to self-settle. The reason it is important for your child to learn to self-settle is that children need toget enough rest, waking several times without being able to go back to sleep is disruptive to your child.

Babysleepstar use their methods to gradually teach your child to self-settle to sleep and from one sleep-cycle into the next. It is important to use techniques that your child responds to, which is why Babysleepstar get to know your child before they tailor their individual routines. Throughout your program Babysleepstar will adjust this routine daily, if necessary.

Babysleepstar does not use controlled crying or cry it out (CIO) methods to teach your child to self-settle. We use techniques which are within your child’s and your comfort zone. However, we cannot guarantee your child won’t cry at all during the program, as this is all babies’ form of communication.

Our methods are tried and tested; to date we have not met a child we couldn’t help. It is important that you come into your program with an open mind, as some methods we use may seem unconventional (but they work!). For instance, we may ask you to put a photo of yourself in your child’s cot during sleep times.

We will do whatever it takes to get your child into a solid routine and settling.