About Us

strong>You can live anywhere in the world and receive personalised guidance from Babysleepstar

As a mother myself, I know how important a good routine is for everyone in your family. With over 10 years experience observing babies and children, their routines and different settling methods and techniques, I have created tailored packages with methods that work. I understand all babies and toddlers are different, and therefore use different methods to suit your child and family environment.

I am a qualified Dunstan Baby Language trainer, and created Babysleepstar to help empower parents with the skills to create life-long positive and sought-after changes in their child’s routine. Whether it is a few more hours sleep at night or restoring your child’s feeding pattern, Babysleepstar can help. I have had success with the most strong-willed babies and children through our tried and tested programs, helping them find their own rhythm and individual pattern.

Babysleepstar programs are designed to create a routine to guide your child into their individual rhythm. We do not solely focus on sleep, rather each child’s whole daily routine, and how you can follow this whether you are at home or out-and-about.

To read more about sleep training and how this is used by Babysleepstar please click here.

Babysleepstar has successfully helped many children find their own rhythm, please visit our Testimonials page to hear from happy parents.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.